Safeguarding the health of Nations through innovation


We are faced with challenges such as registration, appointment booking, monitoring, booking and a whole lot in the medical sphere. It is time to make it right.

  • There are many variations of passages available
    It is a long established fact that a one solution may be overwhelming to be readable in all health content of a system when looking at its layout. The point of using Hospi2 softwares.
  • Determine the right Product for all:
    With Tens of  solution covered around the World and in the market, we can assure you that Hikey Ltd stands out, needed a proper method to predict and manage health.


Starting with the Appointment system that allows Patient to book specific time in their registered hospital, with a chance for NEW PATIENT with a user-friendly system which they can pay from, advance option of choosing their preferred specialist, pre-inform the Doctor of their ailment and this system completely takes off all burden of the Doctor


Our Value Proposition is the security we put into this through hand-coding which is quite different from what is obtainable in Austria, Canada and USA where system like this are being used and the ease of use of the system that involves the Patient, Specialist, Admin and the Backend all sync. What this also means is that we can twitch this system to make it proprietary with added features and whatever we want it to be. This will definitely save lives and make life easy for everyone.