Developing a strategy and roadmap for Modern Education


Leading Education Outfits all over the world are making relevant investments in ICT projects and Jet-club innovation in order to upgrade their operational process; thereby conserving energy and time as well as saving cost. Along with the growth of this technology has grown the impression that Jet-Club and ICT solutions are expensive but we say ‘they are not expensive


Edtech Consultancy and Project Innovative Educational programmes specialises in creating bespoke solutions in Nigerian Education Sector to sharpen the students’ minds. This ideas are aimed at delivering cost-effective solutions in improving both staff and students’ skills and creativity, managing gold-standard ICT products and jet-club resources which we stock locally. This world-class service delivery culture has caused us to successfully draw out competitive curriculum to compete with global organisations in creating a niche for ourselves


It is clear that ICT will continue to significantly impact all societies worldwide, in all economic, social, and cultural aspects especially education. The knowledge economy is demanding new types of learners and administrators. New technologies are changing modes of learning, collaboration and expression