• To create, develop, implement, utilize and sustain information and computing infrastructure that is in line with World schools’ vision, mission and strategies.
  • To enhance academic services and processes through the maintenance of integrated management information system applications that are real-time which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the Schools’ administrative processes.
  • To implement other management measures that facilitates learning and information systems to support self-starters and ICT
  • To assist the users in understanding and utilizing the full range of information services that will be made available and to foster the acquisition of skills necessary for independent learning.
  • To provide the School Executives with ICT intelligence to support good decision making on service development.
  • To prioritize and plan appropriate staff development and recruitment to respond to changes in service provision and delivery.
  • To support the Schools in attracting, developing and retaining competent technical staff.

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At a Workshop on Strategies for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development for Schools, Research and Higher Educational Institutions in Nigeria organized by the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (AVCNU), it was agreed that ICT is essential for:

  • Providing opportunities for Student and Staff exchange
  • Supporting collaborative research among Nigerian Students, Research and Higher Educational Institutions (in addition to collaborative research with others)
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices

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