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choosing a developer

#1 Experience

Making cheap and poor-quality products is pointless and risky. To create and launch a high-quality, in-demand solution, you need an experienced tech partner with accumulated practices and employee knowledge gained from thousands of hours of working on previous projects. Ideally, your vendor should have specialists of middle level and higher.

#2 Market expertise

It’s expertise in your market or niche. It’s essential in the case of narrow or difficult industries like trading, mobile games, data analytics, or AI. It may not be that critical for more common B2C products for renting or deliveries. Yet, you should understand the functionality of the final product.

#3 Technical expertise

It’s hands-on experience with particular tech stacks and development instruments. Naturally, if the vendor doesn’t have a set-up testing process and QA engineering department, you’ll have to delegate this part to another third-party provider. Or, for example, if you need to implement AR/VR technologies, and the candidate doesn’t have real cases of these technologies, it makes sense to keep looking.

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