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Admin Portal

This enables the school to manage all aspects of the school process, from first enquiry through as many stages as it requires to successful enrolment. It can also be linked to an optional Website Admissions system, which automatically feeds generated website enquires directly to Engage and enables interactive communication with prospective parents.

Automation System

o To publish homework, examination past questions and other educational materials online. o Publish student Grades per subject and final grades. o Publish student attendance. o Online Integrated Mailing system for students, parents, teachers and staff. o To engage in holiday coaching programmmes online both in AI, Embedded Systems and Programming Courses.

Curriculum Portal

This enables the school to manage its whole subject range, assigning roles and teachers to specific subjects and creating different class notes § Full integration with the Timetable Module, Attendance and Report components, as well as the Pupil and Student Portal and Parent Portal. § Parent will get the opportunity to see the full curriculum before the school resumes

Admin Features

§ Full tracking of pupils and students, during and after pickup. § Analysis of future class sizes and enquiry sources. § Recording of all prospective pupil and student data. § Ability to run PDF, print and Excel reports on prospective student data, including appointment lists and interview details.

Assessment Portals

This enables teachers, tutors, and senior academic staff to write and view comments and reports on form groups, pupils and students. Schools can create and modify mark sheets, internal activities and homework. All information are kept in a safe repository for future reference and assessments via cloud

Interactive Forum

Easily engage parents, students, and teachers together through the web portal. Teachers can easily upload files, post homework and list class events and grades so students and parents can access them 24/7 Through the portal, you can also publish instant student progress reports

Attendance Portal

This enables a school to record, report on and monitor pupil and student absence. Registers can be set for classes, form groups and school trips. Full integration is available with the Teacher/Parent and Student Portal.

Performance Portal

Performance Tracking improves academic performance by allowing accurate target-setting and monitoring of each pupil’s or student’s achievements through one simple process. Data can be compared against previous targets

Data Portals

Teachers are able to share addons notes and assignment to students including lesson notes. All data and communications with pupils and students, parents and staff. Flexible security settings allowing only appropriate access

Your enterprise carrier in the Cloud

What HiKey hopes to gain.
1. It is an education database that aims at ensuring accurate and appropriate education data and information available for decision making.
2. This education modular system for providing information, which is used to improve efficiency and effectiveness,
3. Allows seamless setting up of new policies, and revising old ones, based on evidence instead of self-perceptions
4. Strengthens capacities in collecting, processing,  analyzing, planning and dissemination of information at all levels of the education system
5. Helps parents to analyze child(ren) and wards in order to improve them.
6. Gives us a platform for transforming educational inputs to gain useful educational outputs
7. It will give access to quality and timely data to help improve decision-making and ensure that limited resources are used for it.