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We Create Creatives Uniquely

At HiKey LTD, We create MVPs for startups and develop complex, enterprise-level platforms with a focused team of expert guiding through Industry standards and frameworks.

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About us

A team of skilled experts using exceptional technical expertise in making people work smarter.

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We study problems faced by your business and design a strategy unique to your industry and users. This approach allows us to develop and execute a solutions that will address challenges particular to your business.

  • We engage in research and innovation, and monitor cutting-edge tech trends to keep unique..
  • We follow the Lean Startup approach, conduct pre-development, utilize budgets & resources at hand
  • Our Approach are user research, product discovery, design sprints, Usability & Interactive prototyping


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What we do


Software Development

Custom web development, corporate extranets & intranets, CRM systems and ecommerce portals & SaaS applications.


Mobile Apps

Cross (device & platform) compatible applications for iOS & Android. Hybrid and Native solutions delivering classic UI/UX on any device and platform.


Network & Security

Secured networking systems for your coworking spaces, offices and home automations compliant with industry standards


IT Consultation

We guide our partners through industry best practices and share our business development expertise delivering value to clients and ensuring investment returns.


Research & Exploration

We believe in extensive research, competitor analysis and technical evaluation before starting a project. Our processes are data-driven


Other Services

We provide digital services such as SEO optimization, content creation, UI/UX design, web maintenance, content creation & web support solutions and support systems

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HiKey's Fact To Know!

Our project will help you standout

We explore everything before we get into our client's issues. We are always on the outlook to discover your requirements. We go reverse in identifying the current problems in the market with similar competitors and identify risks and benefits early on


Project Delivered

We Always Deliver and Stay with you afterwards providing tech assistance


Total Revenue

We use a methodology that allows us to easily adapt and change

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5 Years + Of Experience

Ready to explore our solutions?

Extraordinarily fast, visual, model-driven development meets AI, cloud, and DevOps. HiKey can tackle your application backlog, delivering cutting edge innovation

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What people say

We Personalize the experience for each business need. Now all we do is to align with your need creatively, then facilitate the rest!

ContourGlobal is a growth platform for acquiring and developing wholesale power generation with long-term contracts diversified across fuel types and geographies. At HiKey, we designed the network system for the Coca-Cola Plants (Ikeja & Benin)


Olufemi Owolabi

NBC LTD at Coca-Cola

FCMB's HubOne Co-working is a conducive environment for tech start-ups, designed to foster collaboration and drive creativity within Nigeria's tech start-up ecosystem. HiKey designed, implemented and maintained the space's networking & security


Olufunbi Falayi

CEO, Passion Incubator

A coworking spaces are for entrepreneurs/founders of small and medium-size businesses, middle-level corporate executives, independent freelancers, remote workers and creative artists. HiKey designed, built and maintained the space network, security and proprietary software


Nonye Okolie

CEO, LeadSpace &
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Freequently asked questions

We become your partner and co-founder and provide comprehensive expertise essential for a successful startup launch. According to your unique business requirements & know-how.

We provide tech partnership and serve as your CTO and co-founder, assigning a dedicated team to build and develop your startup. On top of that, we provide marketing expertise and help you attract investments — everything you need to bring your idea to life.

We reach decisions by reasoning and discussion. problems, solutions, and the ways we work together are not decided from the top down. everyone's voice is heard.

AI solutions to any business can be implemented through automating the business procedures, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees to scale the standards for improving the business resources and reducing the risk of failure in the projects.

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Our alternative to outsourcing, extended team insights, and fills the gap for interaction to achieve useful knowledge sharing and increase potential.

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